About Us

Serving Rochester, NY Since 2007

Established in 2007, Your Next Cup is a privately-owned business operated by Vid Chand. Vid recognized that the working environment was changing, and with these changes came a higher demand for easier access to better, higher-quality coffee in the workplace.

So, the birth of Your Next Cup came as an answer to a simple question – can we cost effectively and conveniently deliver a cafe-style coffee experience to the workplace, utilizing equipment that offers quality, variety, consistency and reliability, while being environmentally-friendly and customizable to each situation?

About Vid Chand

Vid came to America in 1978, and after college, was hired by Kodak as a quality assurance technician in the copier division. He later joined the product development group where he worked until his exit in late 2006.

Upon arriving in America, Vid noticed the many people with their hands tightly wrapped around their coffee cup as they traveled the subways in New York City, and ultimately developed quite a fascination with coffee.

Over the many years before entering the business, he would observe and make mental note of what people would do and say in regards to coffee, and even went as far as asking people why they left some of their coffee in the cup. Amazingly, these little actions led Vid to realize that he might be able to impact the office coffee business in the Rochester area in some small way, and so his venture began!

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