Coffee Beverages in Rochester, NY

Your Next Cup revolves its services around the idea that coffee is as much a tool as it is an amenity for the workplace. Employees often state that the consumption of coffee, or lack thereof, is directly related to their performance. We understand the importance of coffee in getting employees through the workday and are here to meet their demands for convenient, high-quality coffee.

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Founded in 2007 in Rochester, NY, Your Next Cup tailors its services to meet your business’ needs. From light and dark roasts to espresso, lattes and hot chocolate, our machines can make something for everyone!

Please take a moment to view our menu and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (585) 225-9068.

Coffee 1

Light roast coffee beans

Coffee 2

Decaffeinated coffee beans

Coffee 3

Dark (french) roast coffee beans


Combination of Coffee1 (Light roast) & Coffee 2 (Decaffeinated)

French Vanilla

Whipped French Vanilla

Vanilla Coffee

Coffee with whipped French Vanilla

Vanilla Moka

Whipped – French Vanilla and Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate

Whipped Hot Chocolate


Coffee with whipped Hot Chocolate

Vanilla Moka Coffee

Coffee 1 with whipped – French Vanilla & Hot Chocolate

Energy Shot Coffee

Concentrated shot of Coffee – small amount of water

Hot Shot Blend Coffee

Whipped – shot of Coffee 1 & Coffee 3 – small amount of water

Long Espresso

Concentrated shot of whipped Coffee – small amount of water

Cafe Latte

Coffee with whipped Milk


Whipped – Coffee and Milk

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